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Thinking of a dream kitchen?
we have got loads of inspiration, expertise and experience to help you out. Abaj furniture world ltd design, produce and install fitted kitchen cabinets.

The journey of building a dream kitchen actually start from the construction phase of the building. The right positioning of the electrical  lighting and sockets for the burner, microwave, oven, extractor hood, fridge and freezer are of great importance. Also the plumbing pipes for dish washer and washing machine can not be overlooked.

The selection of the wall and floor tiles are very important because it forms the back-drop of the kitchen. it also dictates the color of the cabinet which affect the overall beauty of the kitchen.

Having laid a good foundation for the kitchen space, the measurement, design, choice of materials (high gloss hdf or matt hdf and granite worktop)  and accessories ( burner, extractor hood, microwave, oven, sink, plate rack, hinges, handle and pantry) to be used can now be determined.

The size or length of the kitchen and the choice of material affect the overall cost of the kitchen cabinets.

Below are samples of our past projects. 

deltal kit real.jpg
Kitchen Cabinets - CV.jpg
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